Your first ever useful QR code?

QR codes... Those ugly and industrial-looking symbols you come across every now and then in bus stops, Amazon parcels, newspapers and billboards are actually shortcuts to complex or time consuming keyboard typing operations. Scanning a QR code can save you from typing a URL into a browser, logging into a website, make a payment and even find a tombstone in a graveyard!! In fact, QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ code and you can read all about its complexity ...

My business card online in 170 seconds

Did you know that you can put your business card online in less than 3 minutes? We have been working hard to make that process easy and straight forward. Here’s how. 1. Go to and create an account. You can register using either your Linkedin or Facebook accounts or sign up with an email and a password. 2. Have a look at your inbox as a confirmation email has been sent to you to make sure your account is real. Look in your Spam folder

Don’t read unless you’re a Millennial in search of a decent business card tool

Old cardboard business cards are great, have been very useful for centuries, and probably will continue being extensively used. But, even if you carried one when you needed it, after a week, 80% of them end up in one of these… Of course, you can always have a v-Card on your smartphone and send it via email, or you can use one of the following best seller Apps that I have tried, among many others: ...

Business cards helping your Environmental Management System?

You know, you have put a decent amount of resources, time and effort in reaching the requirements to qualify for an Environmental Certificate for your company. You have modified procedures in your business, maybe to minimize the use of raw materials, maybe to reduce the time the computer screens take to go to sleep, or maybe to drive your delivery vans more efficiently. You may have replaced your petrol-fueled delivery fleet with hybrid powered vehicles...

Welcome to the Knowee blog!

Hello! We will be very soon posting interesting articles and thoughts related to the world of business cards and personal and corporate branding. Please, be patient. Thanks for reading. By the way, this is my card if you want to have a look at the design of my business card or the data it contains, download my contact, view my address in a map, drop me an email or see how I look: Jose Luis (click to open)