You know, you have put a decent amount of resources, time and effort in reaching the requirements to qualify for an Environmental Certificate for your company. You have modified procedures in your business, maybe to minimize the use of raw materials, maybe to reduce the time the computer screens take to go to sleep, or maybe to drive your delivery vans more efficiently. You may have replaced your petrol fuelled delivery fleet by hybrid powered vehicles, or you may have replaced your old milling machines by newer and more efficient ones. Probably you have replaced your incandescent bulbs with LED lighting or you may have just replaced your crystal-white photocopy paper by that brownish old-styled recycled paper. All these changes have been carefully crafted and documented in what is called an Environmental Management System (EMS).


Finally, as a result of all this hard work, the certificate arrives to your office. It comes beautifully framed and printed in an oversized heavy cream colored paper and usually carries a nice silver stamped label which certifies its authenticity along with the signature of a very important person.

Detail of an ISO 14001 Certificate

Paradoxically you have printed sheets and sheets of paper to communicate to your employees and visitors that you have achieved such recognition along with all the ‘how-tos’ to keep it alive year after year.

Possibly, one of the most important building blocks of a EMS is the principle of ‘Continuous Improvement’ which basically consists in that you have to keep improving your procedures and systems to be able to renew your Certificate every year. These improvements are evaluated every year by the certifier to validate and approve the renewal of your certificates. You thought it was going to be easy? Not at all. Keep thinking and be creative.

Running out of ideas? How about your business cards? You probably got them printed in recycled paper or cardboard from sustainable forests. Good on you. But…

Go further. Don’t print them at all.

This new service allows you to put your actual paper cards online. What does that mean exactly? Well, let me guess that much more than what you think.

Imagine for a second that if you put your finger in the phone number of a business card your phone actually dials that number. Imagine -just imagine- that if you touch the address of that business card, Google Maps opens on your phone and shows you how to get there. Go further – imagine that if you put your that business card close enough to your smartphone, it actually converts into a contact in your phone. Or if you point it to your computer screen it goes into your Outlook contacts. No effort. Quick. Fast. Efficient.

What you have just read may seem to you like it comes from the future. Well, not that far apart. Knowee has managed to rocket your business card to the online world while keeping its essence: its data and look. It fully preserves the actual look & feel of your card –you upload the actual design of the card- and provides all the possible functionality to it.

According to a 2012 Ipsos study for, 17,4 million business cards are printed every day only in the US. Source:

What is all that about? Basically that you don’t have to print your business cards anymore. Knowee cards are your current business cards translated into the online world so they can keep up with everyday tools like Skype, Linked In, GoToMeeting, text messages, Whatsapp, WeChat; they are represented by a simple URL that can be read by any web browser. Same look but more functional and efficient.

This can be your environmental improvement for this year that would help you keep up with your EMS.

Think about it, you can save lots of paper. And money.

P.S. What if you also used Knowee to support your Quality Management System as it is definitely an improvement in your internal procedures? Or maybe to assist in your Customer Management System? Or even in your Corporate Social Responsibility Policies?

Any other ideas?

Thanks for reading. This is my card: Jose Luis.