How to design attractive business cards

diseñar tarjetas de visita atractivas

Business cards are not only contact data, but also branding and a reminder to the recipient. A good design can make your name stand out from others when it comes to the moment of decision.

For this reason, business cards should be part of the company’s communication strategy. To make them it is best to employ a professional designer who can provide that distinctive value that your brand needs.

Design Tips

First of all, you must take your company’s sector into account because there are some that are more traditional than others. This fact will be decisive because the nature of your sector, e.g. modern or traditional, will dictate the kinds of colors and shapes you can use.

Having said that, there are some guidelines you should keep in mind for all cards:

  • Typography: Make sure you choose an easy-to-read typeface. Keep in mind that the objective of your card is that the recipient can access your data easily. An overly ornate typeface will negatively affect the card’s impact.
  • Text and background color: if you decide on using a background color, instead of the standard white, you must check that the contrast between background and typeface is adequate for easy reading.
  • Double-sided printing or just one side? We often neglect the back of the business card but it’s a place that can help us stand out. For example, Printing the logo on the back will help your customers quickly identify the card.
  • Size: if you are going to opt for the traditional format and print your cards, keep in mind that they should fit in a card holder or in a wallet and be large enough to accommodate all the written elements at a size that is legible. With these factors in mind we recommend the standard size which is usually 9x5cm.

Some differentiating elements: to achieve a modern and dynamic image, there are some things you can do.

  • For example, include a QR code Scanning the QR code with a smartphone or tablet camera automatically records all the cards information to the phone.
  • Digital Cards: The latest thing in business cards is a digital version. They are very similar to the physical ones in appearance but instead of having to to be physically delivered they can be shared simply and comfortably through our smartphones and tablets. In addition to projecting a modern image the digital card saves on paper and the time the recipient would otherwise have spent transferring information to an archiving system. Let’s see in detail how we can create digital cards.

Digital Business Cards

Physical business cards, as we know them, are on the way out. Nowadays we can create attractive business cards online using a software that not only avoids the use of paper, but also adapts your contact details to current technology.

With tools like Knowee you don’t need advanced knowledge of graphic design and you save money on paper and printing. This tool has an editor in which you can choose from dozens of templates and customize them in tune with the identity of your company.

After entering the data you want to include, you can add the company logo and experiment with the different design options available. If you already have a previous design or want to include a custom background you can upload it into Knowee.

These cards are not printed, but shared. Your business card becomes a URL containing all the information about you and your company. It includes basic contact information, such as phone number and email address, as well as location, with a link to Google Maps, website, company logo, your profile picture, and even social network profiles.

Your customers can consult the URL whenever they want to see your data. Your card will not be lost among other papers or end up crumpled in some corner. Plus, the cards data can be added to smartphone, tablet or laptop contacts with the click of a button.

You can also enable search engines like Google or Bing to find the business card and customize the URL colors. In addition to everything else you can see statistics on how many visits your card has received.

Best of all, these business cards can be modified whenever you want. If your address changes, your phone number changes or you have a better photo, just edit it to update the data instantly. As you can see, presenting an attractive business card does not require large expenditure. All you need is Internet access and a minimum of expertise to design it to your liking.

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