Tools for the digital transformation of the company


In today’s highly competitive business ecosystem, only those companies and organizations that are able to quickly adapt new technologies will be able to survive in the near future. The digital transformation is here to stay and, although the focus is on technological change and management processes, it is also based on such subtle modifications as the use of virtual business cards.

Which digital transformation tools stand out?

To start a process of digital transformation in your organization there are many tools that have emerged in recent years. Among the best known, we can highlight the following:

Office Suites

These will be perhaps the most familiar tools because many companies already use Office Suites in their day to day work. They consist of a set of applications that allow collaborative internal management of the company. They include email management, text editing, spreadsheets and other similar office applications. The result: a company that increases efficiency and productivity.

Online communication

We live in the digital age in which online communication is the basis of B2B and B2C business. For this reason, an endless number of tools have emerged that will allow you to digitize your digital presence. From sending emails to creating online advertising campaigns, including digital signatures and virtual cards.

Internal communication

Using innovative tools to transform your company’s internal communication is also a step towards digital transformation. Tools such as Slack allow you to manage and distribute tasks, communicate in work teams, share files and coordinate activities. The result: greater productivity thanks to technology.

Customer management

Among the tools for effective customer management CRM has come to play a very significant part. A clear example is HubSpot’s CRM tool. HubSpot is a SaaS company that offers utilities to boost sales and carry out marketing initiatives with customers. There are free and paid versions, so you can see for yourself how CRMs can benefit your business.

Big data

The digital transformation has a very important ally: big data. Big data tools help companies use data and information to create much more effective business strategies. In this group of tools, you can find, for example, Apache Hadoop or Elasticsearch. Data science will revolutionize the way companies operate. As you can see, digital transformation is based on multiple aspects that have a common goal: to adapt companies to the new digital ecosystem. Generally, they apply 3 basic pillars of the digital transformation according to the Digital Transformation Institute: business transformation, operations transformation and improvement of the user experience. The result: a company prepared to face the challenges of the future.

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