3 tools to help you digitize your business

herramientas para digitalizar una empresa

Digitization has become a key objective for all SMEs. However, in the absence of prior knowledge of the relevant tools, digitization can seem like a complicated process.

To help you, we have compiled information on some tools that can be of great use to you.

How does corporate digitization help?

Now that digitization of the company has become a fundamental of good business practice it seems clear thatour corporate image does not depend only on our actions, but also the means by which we we project it. When, as a parent company, you provide your distributors, franchisees or customers access to the digitization process, you achieve several objectives.

1. Expand the presence of your corporate image in the digital world.

2. Exponentially grow your digital communities.

3. Equip your structures with modern and efficient internal and external communication systems .

4. Promote engagement and conversions.

We can divide the tools for digitization into two main sections.

– Those aimed at the organization, communication and optimization of internal management. Generally known as the Intranet.

– Those focused on our external image and increasing our presence and effectiveness. Generally focused on exploiting the immense possibilities of digital media and especially the Internet.

The 3 essential tools

To begin we are going to give you some guidelines and some examples of tools that can be used to implement a comprehensive digitization with relative ease.

Intranet, internal wikis and apps

With these tools you can facilitate all internal communication and operations,  and also develop specific utilities for sales teams, suppliers and customers or distributors.

Among the most remarkable are free and simple coworking tools like Google Drive; for hangoutconferences , Skype or Discord; sophisticated integrated systems such as Slackwhich provides all the necessary utilities for  teamwork communications.

Customer management and process automation

Thanks to CRM tools you will be able to  properly administer your dealings with every client, improving communication with them and increasing engagement. Examples of CRM for SMEs:  Zoho, Teamleader or HubSpot.

Also, with ERP software, you will be able to centralize all company information on such things as orders, shipments and stock, thereby facilitating and speeding up all internal processes. Examples of ERP for your company: SAP, SAGE or Microsoft Dynamics.


Through your communication channels, your customers will build an image of your brand and your company. For this reason, you must take care of it and make sure that it projects the values you want to project.

To digitize these communication channels you can use tools such as:

  • Knowee: useful, among other things, for creating digital business cards, storing contact data easily, scanning business cards and creating your digital signature.
  • Mailchimp: for quickly and easily sending professional emails to contacts listed in your database.
  • Blog: you can create a blog section where you help potential customers to resolve their problems and satisfy their needs relating to your commercial activity. You can use tools like WordPress to create the blog.
  • Social networking: through social media platforms, you will be able to communicate with your customers and leads, in addition to opening a new customer service channel.

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