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Business cards have traditionally been the means by which contact details were exchanged in areas such as business. Name, job title, telephone number, postal address and e-mail is the information generally included on a person’s business card. They are still printed today and you will have seen that they continue to play a key part in business meetings.

The digital age transforms the medium

Over the many decades since their invention business cards have hardly changed at all. Their evolution over the years has included changes in typography, the introduction of color and the inclusion of images  but it is only now in the midst of the digital era that that they are being radically transformed.

Paper is being replaced by an electronic medium,  that can share the same information of a physical business card but, unlike the physical card, will not degrade nor be easily misplaced.

How does work?

 Digital cards are gaining ground over physical cards that degrade over time or can be lost It is in this context that flourishes. is an app that makes digital cards as easy to find as they are to share and update.

Generating digital card online is as easy as filling in some fields with the same data that you have on a physical card and choosing a design you like. It also allows you to include an image. And everything at the click of a button, either from home on your computer or even on the move with your mobile phone.

Sending your new digital card to one or all of your contacts is as simple as choosing the sharing option and the channel for it. From SMS to WhatsApp, through the different social networks or an email. The recipients of your shared digital card can store it in a virtual card holder where it will be easy to find when required, incorporate it into their mobile phone contacts or and use it to perform actions as diverse as making a call or sending a message.

The card will remain online to be consulted whenever you want.

Advantages of digital cards

They represent a further advance in an era in which technology pervades all areas. The way they’re created and the way you share them are simple,convenient, time-saving and economical. It is no longer necessary for you to employ and pay a designer and printer to get them produced. They don’t wear out like their physical counterparts.

Its sharing is secure, as is its storage, which saves you time when looking for a specific card. Searches of digital cards can be carried out using different parameters.

The creator of the digital card can update and add to its content e.g.change the photo in seconds. It also includes the option of generating different models, adapted to whoever it is being sent. It can also be transformed into a digital signature for inclusion in emails.

Business cards have never been more effective. Find out more at this link.

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