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principales tendencias en marketing digital en 2020

Digital marketing is evolving by leaps and bounds, adapting to continuous technological changes and user tastes. That’s why, since Knowee we have collected a series of trends that we believe you should take into account when drawing up your digital marketing plan for 2020.


The microinfluencers have become a very effective marketing medium, thanks to the direct and personalized treatment they provide.

As these are more specific niches targeting a particular sector, microinfluencers can generate greater confidence by advertising an article to their followers.

This trend has already grown so much during 2019 that just in Spain alone 60% of marketing professionals already use microinfluencers to achieve their objectives and everything seems to indicate that  trend will continue in 2020.

Snack ads

If you use the YouTube app on your mobile, you’re probably completely familiar with snack ads, short ads with a maximum duration of 10 seconds. In the same way, bumper ads are recommended by Google, as they have a duration of 6 seconds and allow you to reach more users in a short period of time.

A study published in Medium reports that 89% of users pay attention to an advertisement during the first 10 seconds, but at 20 seconds they drops to 80%, at 30 seconds to 60% and at the minute below 46%.

Video content has become increasingly important in the last decade, so it is clear that monetization and advertising through audiovisual content can not be ignored. Video ads show a greater degree of interaction and help to make purchasing decisions.

Voice Assistants

According to data from the first 2019 wave of the General Media Study 10.7% of Spaniards use virtual voice assistants, representing more than 4 million people, and around 480,000 households using intelligent loudspeakers. In the midst of the era of immediacy, the rise of this type of assistant lies in the comfort they provide to the user.

This also implies a necessary change in the content strategies of companies and in SEO, which is no longer based solely on the use of keywords but on the so-called long tail keywords, i.e. semantic or conversational phrases. It’s called semantic SEO.

Artificial Intelligence

Companies are increasingly looking to get closer to the user, give them a personalized service  and offering them a greater degree of interactivity that allows them to resolve their concerns. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a great role in this.

Instant messaging channels are increasingly the order of the day to address these concerns, but also chatbots, which thanks to artificial intelligence try to offer customers a personalized service through real-time conversations.

Interactive Contents

The user likes to feel connected and participate in what is happening around them. This is why interactive content searches and immersive situations such as interactive videos, questionnaires and surveys, virtual reality or augmented reality are very attractive to consumers.

In this sense, the potential of 5G may mean a great growth of these type of techniques and technologies that offer unique experiences and increase the engagement of any brand.

Some of the main trends in digital marketing fort 2020 seem therefore to be linked to the generation of audiovisual content, personalization and the degree of consumer interaction and an increasingly important role for artificial intelligence.

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