Post event follow-up email template

plantilla email para contactar después de un evento

After having invested time, effort and money getting leads at an event it’s time to connect with them through different strategies in email marketing. A very important detail to take into account with respect to email marketing is that the effectiveness of your mailings will depend largely on their content. Also, the conversion rate is directly related to the effectiveness of your landing page in provoking user need.

Recommendations for creating your emails

Emails that are part of an email marketing campaign to leads gathered at an event have a very different purpose from other types of emails. You should take into account the following factors in your digital corporate communication strategy.

Capture attention with the subject

The subject, the title of your email, is key. It’s the first thing your leads will read in their inbox. You must strive to capture attention and seduce the reader into opening the mail.

Use a call to action

Once people have opened your mail it is very important that they are immediately confronted with a call to action. Embedding videos in the body of the email is a great way to get your message across. A video should obviously focus on an article, news item or service that is of interest to the lead, such as a new product that you have just launched on the market.

Take advantage of social networks

If you make it easy for your email content to be shared across social media, it will reach many more people through your leads. It is good practice to include share buttons on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facilitate maximum conversion

What’s important ultimately is that you get those sales you’ve targeted. All efforts must be directed to the purchase action. With this in mind it may be good to include a button to buy or see more information just below the video. You can even include the purchase action within the video itself, so that the audiovisual content itself becomes a CTA.

Don’t be confused with spam

One of the main risks you run with email marketing is being identified as spam. If this happens, your leads will receive your messages in their “junk” mailbox instead of their “inbox”. Try not to send the messages from your “info@”account, as this type of account is often associated with mass mailings.

Finally, choose the best time for sending your mailing

It is essential that you launch your email marketing campaigns at the most appropriate times so that your leads can spend some time reading your messages. For example, if you send them in the middle of the work day, chances are that no one will open them and they will go unnoticed. With these simple guidelines you already have what it takes to start making the most of your campaigns.

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