Advantages of digital versus physical cards

ventajas de las tarjetas digitales

The business card has come a long way from its beginnings in 15th century China. Until even very recently its principal function has been as a presentation and reminder of contact details. The adaptation to new technologies has led to the digital business card, which incorporates important advantages over more traditional ones.

Main advantages of the digital card

Digital cards are replacing the classic printed card. There are many reasons why that the business card has been incorporated into the digital transformation process.

Perfect adaptation to the evolution of professional relations

The business card is not something used only for meetings. Traditionally it has also been attached to letters of introduction, commercial estimates, product catalogues and countless other documents that are exchanged between individuals in their professional activity.

Today, almost all of these types of communication are done digitally. So it only seems natural that that you should have digital support for the business card as well, avoiding the cumbersome process of transcribing its data into a digital file.

Compliance with data protection laws

When you are given a business card, you must bear in mind that you are collecting data that the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) considers susceptible to protection. Normally, you will also be preserving it and including it in a file, either in physical or digital form. The same thing applies to your details when you send them.

Each exchange of these physical cards should be accompanied by the corresponding consent of the deliverer. In reality this is rarely the case. The digital card leaves an indelible mark of its voluntary delivery and its very format is an expression of consent to its conservation and inclusion in a file of professional contacts.

Saving paper and social responsibility

Global warming is one of the most socially sensitive issues of today. Your company has to align itself with sustainable development goals when corporate social responsibility commitments are becoming increasingly relevant among customers’ decision-making criteria.

If it is important for the client, then it is only logical that such an alignment with sustainability goals is a concern for all other companies. A large number of these companies seek to work with others that clearly represent the same values that they have integrated into their brand.

One of the main causes of global warming is deforestation. Therefore, reducing or even eliminating the use of paper has become one of the fundamental objectives of companies, as much for environmental reasons as for more longstanding logistical and economic reasons.

Your digital card not only dispenses with paper, but also with those processes and polluting materials derived from its printing and distribution: printing machines, inks, photolithography plastics, shrink-wrapping, boxes and all the energy consumption that these require.

If we take into account the permanent need for data updating, cost savings, infinite availability and the projection of a modern image, your digital card will be fundamental to expressing your corporate identity and values.

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