3 ways to implement time registration in your company

formas de llevar a cabo el registro horario

This year, the government has made it obligatory for companies to implement time registration of their employees in order to accurately and precisely record their entry and exit times and thus avoid problems related to non-completion of the working day. In the light of this new obligation it is in the interest of company owners to get up to speed on time registration.

The hourly recording of the working day helps foster a more stable workforce and subsequently improves the employability of all workers. Every company now has to record every working day completed by each of its workers, guaranteeing that the stipulations of their contracts are met.

Below we will look at the most effective ways of implementing time registration.

The 3 best ways of implementing time registration

While time registration is now compulsory it does not necessarily follow that companies will know how best to implement it or what options are available to them.

Paper registration

This is the oldest and most traditional method of time registration, as well as being the most economical.

The major disadvantage of this system is that  it is not one that inspires much confidence because its reliability can be easily questioned under inspection In addition it is not robust and can lead to the waste of valuable time in comparison to other more automated time registration systems.

Time card machine

The time card system is another classic way of clocking in and out at work. Time registration systems via token or card have steadily improved with advances in technology.

One of their main advantages is that all records are stored automatically. In addition, they bring savings on time and effort required and the resulting data cannot be easily manipulated by employees.

Although the cost of token or card systems can be high, anything up to €600, the resultant ease and security benefits can outweigh the expense. Such systems are not a good option for employees who perform work that requires a lot of mobility or who work remotely.

Registration via devices or computers

Thanks to the digital transformation of your company you can now implement time registration through devices that computerise the clocking in and out of your workers.

They are systems that work in a very simple way and cannot be easily manipulated.

What programs can you use to manage time registration?

There is a multitude of available softwares designed to manage time registration and all other issues related to the payroll of your employees: Workmeter, Sesame Time, Intratime, Beebole, Sage Time Control, A3time Management, myGESTION, Time Laboris, Timecamp, Tam Tam and Timenet.

These are among the best programs and applications for implementing a rigorous time registration system at your company. Among them there will be some that can be adapted to perfectly serve your company’s particular needs.

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