5 ways to increase the reach of your business through digitalization

cómo aumentar el alcance de tu empresa

No company can escape the pressing need to go digital. Entities from any sector are committed to changing their structure and mode of operation in an era in which new technologies mark the economic fabric. In this post, we talk about 5 ways to increase the reach of your business through digitalization, although first we will address a number of key issues that you should know before.

What is digitalization?

Digitalization is a coordinated process of actions that aim to conquer a still uncharted territory, in constant change. For some companies, the digitalization is based on creating accounts in social networks, having a website or including digital products in the day to day.

However, experts are betting on more ambitious definitions, such as the one that advocates the creation of a business strategy after the use of these new tools and technologies. Don’t forget this premise.

First steps for a company to go digital

Companies must draw up an action plan for digitalization. That will be the first step for many others. In this case, the first thing to be analysed is the company’s culture, or in other words, the way in which the people who work in the company relate to each other and the image they reflect abroad.

Subsequently, topics such as understanding new customers, working on the new business model and investing in new products and services will be discussed.

There are other steps, such as setting and renewing objectives, studying loyalty or keeping up with innovations.

Ways to increase the reach of the company with digitalization

There are many different ways to increase the reach of the company when the digitalization of the company is already underway. Here’s five of them:

1. Increase online presence. Creating a website, a virtual store or increasing the presence in social networks are actions that allow to reach a larger audience and, ultimately, a greater number of people.

2. Improve SEO positioning. To do this, it is convenient to create exclusive content and attract a potential customer. It is time to incorporate new online marketing professionals or outsource this service to an agency in the sector.

3. Establish new channels of communication with the client. In a world where relationships are less and less materialized with the face to face between both sides of a counter, new forms of communication must be created. Among them, the use of tools such as chatbots, based on the responsiveness of artificial intelligence, should be highlighted.

4. Consider different forms of payment. It’s time to look for an alternative to the traditional cash or card payment. This opens up a new horizon for the rise of PayPal, mobile payments, digital currencies, and more.

5. Use a digital business card, such as Knowee. This is a way to present yourself to the 2.0 community in a simple, innovative and differentiating way. through a card that also allows the transmission of updated and dynamic content and makes it easier for the receiver to save you as a contact

These are 5 ways to increase the reach of your business through digitalization, but there are many more that you will discover as your entity takes new steps in this process.

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