How long does it take to implement Knowee in my company?

cuánto tardo en implantar knowee

Digital business cards are gaining greater acceptance every day thanks to a professional environment that seeks digital transformation solutions, paper and cost savings and is aware of the advantages they offer compared to physical cards. Knowee has positioned itself as an essential digital business card tool if you are looking for versatility, efficiency and innovative value.

How long does it take to implement Knowee in your company?

Implement Knowee step by step

The first thing you should know is that its implementation can be as fast and agile as your company needs.

  1. If you choose one of the various predefined card designs from Knowee, you can use the tool immediately. However, if you need to transfer an existing design you have on paper to the online world, Knowee can create a custom template and the system can be up and running in a matter of hours.
  2. Once configured, you can create users and cards based on the templates you have set up as and when required. If you require a large number of cards, Knowee offers you the initial creation of all those users and cards. Just fill in the table provided and send the design of your card and within a few days you will have all the cards ready to go.
  3. Furthermore, Knowee also facilitates automatic integration with your active directory system (AD, LDAP); thus, the creation, modification and deletion of cards is done automatically without the intervention of users or administrators. This is especially useful for medium and large companies because the source information is always the employee directory.

Get the most out of Knowee

In addition to the digital business card creation service for which Knowee is best known, you should be aware of the complementary functionalities offered by the tool.

  • Beyond all the contact data provided in your identification, Knowee makes it possible to use your cards as a corporate communication channel. Through a card it is possible to add multimedia content such as corporate videos, promotions, event invitations, banners, documents, always managed by the company but not by the user.
  • With Knowee, you can also have corporate email signatures. How? Through an add in for Outlook. This will allow centralized control of signatures across the company and changes to be made instantaneously. The implementation of this system will depend on the company’s IT department, but will be no different from the installation of any other software tool used by the company.
  • Both the web and the apps allow for single sign-on corporate authentication. What does this mean? That any user can use the same corporate credentials that they already use to access any other company platform to identify themselves in Knowee.
  •  URL masking allows the cards to be accessed through a personalized URL such as, giving the impression that it is a product created and provided by your own company.

Knowing all that Knowee can bring to your company in your digital transformation process, you will appreciate the speed and simplicity of its implementation.

This short investment of time will be of significant benefit to your reputation and that of your company. Go on. Try it.

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