Low-cost tools to start the digital transformation in your company

herramientas de transformación digital

The digital transformation is here to stay. It’s no longer optional in your business. In fact, if you haven’t already started this process, you’re probably losing money and competitive power to your competition. This is a reality, whether you belong to an SME or a large company.

At this time and as the purchasing manager of your company you should be familiar with or at least know of some of the tools that can help start the transformation process. Some tools will help you manage the purchasing and procurement process, others will help you organize your daily tasks and be useful to your colleagues.

10 low-cost tools to start the digital transformation process

Below is a selection of low-cost or free tools that can be useful in the beginning of a complicated transformation process from which your company will emerge strengthened, both economically and in competitiveness.


One of the most necessary tools in the management of a business at a digital level is a CRM. CRM systems allow you to know and manage the relations with your existing and potential clients. Zoho’s software (which has a free trial version) is one of the most popular applications in this area. At the end of a free trial period it offers a range of affordable solutions.

Digital Presence

Knowee, which offers a wide variety of functions aimed at the corporate management of digital business cards, is also a valuable CRM software. It not only allows you to create corporate business cards and share them, but it can also scan the cards of your contacts and store them in a visual card holder. Knowee acts as both a business card and a database.

In addition, Knowee creates a completely new channel of corporate communication through which to inform customers and suppliers about campaigns, promotions and events from a complete corporate control panel that integrates with card usage statistics.

In addition to all this Knowee is also a clear example of a digital transformation that translates into savings in costs, logistics and paperwork, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint. A free plan is available for individual users.

Procurement Management

For procurement purchasing managers can use management tools such as Precoro, which facilitate, among other functions, the management of suppliers or the company’s product catalogue, the creation and sending of purchase orders and the analysis of expenditure data or invoicing. It offers a free trial and various payment plans.

Project Management

Free to download, platforms like Trello allow remote management of teams as well as collaborative work and the organization of projects and tasks.All this through a simple system based on boards, lists and cards. Other platforms such as Evernote allow similar functions in terms of organizing tasks or annotating ideas.

Social Networking

A very useful tool for the management of social networks and one of the most used in the business environment is Hootsuite, which allows you to schedule publications for different accounts of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. A free version is available.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to limit yourself to sharing posts that contain only one copy (which is not recommended), tools like Canva can help you create simple designs in their free version or simply resize images to fit the appropriate publication size.

In addition to all these, tools such as Mailchimp, for the automation of email campaigns; Shopify, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms with which to manage orders and products, or Inbound Manager Pro, which incorporates CRM, automation or content functions, are also very useful.

Remember, it’s not the names of the tools that are important, but whether they meet the functions and needs that best suit your company. Search and compare, but don’t let things slide. The important thing is to start the digital transformation process as soon as possible.


A recent discovery we want to share with you: Milanote, a tool for organizing your creative projects into beautiful visual boards.

Created to replicate the feeling of working on a wall in a creative studio – visual, tactile and sometimes a bit messy, Milanote is a great fit for freelancers in both the marketing and design spaces. It has heaps of built-in templates to help you get started with a variety of different projects, from creating a moodboard to set out the visual direction for a project, to writing a creative brief. Its sharing features make it a great option for those who regularly provide work to clients for feedback.

Milanote’s basic plan is available for free with no time-limit. A nice freshener!


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