How to convince management to implement a digital strategy?

estrategia digital de una empresa

The digital transformation is no longer merely an option but a necessity. Companies are operating in an increasingly digital environment and it is necessary for each to equip itself with the tools to compete with its rivals. If you’re clear about the importance of the digital transformation, but members of the company leadership are still a little reluctant, here are a few arguments to convince them.

7 benefits of the digital transformation in your company

These are some of the facts that should motivate your company’s CEO to address digital transformation, whether he is running a large organization or an SME.

1. Customer confidence

Members of your audience are totally adapted to the new technologies and a good percentage are digital natives. Their consumer habits are clearly influenced by an attachment to the digital world and if you want them to have confidence in you as a supplier you must try to adapt and offer them what they expect.

2. New business opportunities

Incorporating the Internet as a channel in your commercial strategy allows you to get new clients, establish synergic collaborations with other companies and increase the volume of your business. If you have a good digital reputation, everything will be much easier.

3. Managerial economics

Time, economic resources, the brand and people are the main resources of any company. If, thanks to technological innovation, you manage to save time and improve the quality of your company’s internal processes, the initial expense will soon translate into a very profitable investment. Productivity improves and, in doing so, costs are reduced. As a result, margins and profits are also multiplied.

4. Access to valuable information

CEOs are faced daily with important decisions that condition the future of their company. Having reliable information makes the possibility of getting it right much greater. If you have access, big data allows you to obtain, organize and explore useful data to identify your audience and their main needs.

5. More accessible internationalization

The implementation of a digital strategy and internationalization are independent issues, but it is clear that the former facilitates accessibility and development in international markets, which is key in today’s globalized market. You will be able to expand markets (geographically speaking) and deal with clients or collaborators from all over the world, minimizing physical and cultural barriers.

6. Paradigm shift

The only constant is change, much more so in business. The digital update allows you to reconsider all the parameters and assumptions of traditional activity. It offers you the opportunity to acquire a new business concept, explore new business areas, decentralize your work, promote a powerful culture of innovation and, in short, compete better in your sector.

7. Talent and differentiation

Talent wants to work in modern and technologically advanced environments. Hand in hand with this reality, you will be able to develop new products and services, optimize the existing ones and be more attractive as a brand and boost a differential competitive advantage.

Few people doubt it anymore: the digital transformation is the future, but also the present. We hope that these arguments will help you convince the management of your company to take a firm step forward.

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